Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wearing What Grandma Wore...

I can still smell the freshness of Ivory soap and Jean Nate when I'd 
kiss my grandma's cheek...And her dresses- neat and pretty with all
the crispness of cotton floral prints. I'll never forget the first time she
wore a pair of pants, it was startling and for a long while did not seem
quite right. 
Today, my fascination for all things vintage runs as deep as my love for those childhood days and the comfort of my grandparents' home. 
And oh, what I would give for a rummage through my grandma's closet.


  1. I love your vintage dresses, come see mine. I am your Etsypreneuer buddy

  2. Thank you, not mine though! Just some of my favorites from Etsy and a blog I love!

  3. well u have great taste, especially the one with the co-op in the background, looks like back east.


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