Monday, May 7, 2012

Mom, You're an Angel!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'd Walk a Mile In These Shoes!

I adore shoes!
and boots.

I have dozens of pairs and constantly window shop for more. One of my favorite places to browse is on Etsy. I also love Polyvore and Pinterest of course! But when it comes to vintage and upcycled, Etsy rules! Shoes and boots listed on Etsy have to be at least twenty years old to qualify as vintage, so you can find some crazy 80's stuff, disco 70's and some beauties from the 40's and 50's! Upcycled shoes aren't necessarily vintage, just taken to a new level by the designer/seller! One I love is RetroVintage123~ Lani takes the vintage shoes a step (pun intended) further by upcycling them with her own style and embellishments that seriously make me drool! Nanometer Vintage, Party Squirrel Vintage, hoss and goose vintage,  and kristen ashley also upcycle their shoes with custom redesigns. Liza Bynum is off the chain with what she calls "strassed" shoes~ covered in Swarovski crystals, her shoes have some serious bling!

Here's some of my faves of the day~ which by the way is Earth Day, so my first pick just had to be green! Oh and my team of Upcyclers is having a wild sale in 21 shops (including three of mine, lol), I mention that because not only am I shamelessly plugging the sale, but also because I want you to know we consider selling preloved goods cleaned up and in original condition, a form of upcycling. Taking something old and giving it a new life outside of an attic, basement or forgotten corner of someone's closet is so cool! And heaven forbid, it might have wound up in the trash {visible shudder}.

Monique Larroux



kristen ashley artist: etsy shop

Nanometer Vintage

hoss and goose vintage

Nanometer Vintage

Party Squirrel Vintage

Liza Bynum

Chronologie Vintage

An Eye For Julz

Junque du Jour

So yeah, there's a dozen more pairs I'd like to add to the dozens I already have! My only problem is some just aren't my size...But that's okay, a girl can still dream, can't she?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Say Your Vows in Vintage~

If you don't have a prized, family heirloom wedding dress tucked away, don't fret! You can find beautiful, designer and name brand, vintage and antique wedding gowns on Etsy that you might think just stepped out of one of your family photos or a collectible edition of Vogue! You can search with tags like upcycled, vintage, retro or even by styles, like Victorian, Edwardian, Bohemian, Forties, Fifties and more...

Bohemian Style Vintage by Daughters of Simone

The Perfect Bride~ Vintage 50's by Tavin Shop

50's Victorian Revival by Forgotten Muse

Simple and Sweet 40's Style by Cupid's Arrow

Flower Child 70's Style~ Daughters of Simone

A Midsummer's Night Dream by Tavin Shop

Prairie Cotton Voile from the 60's by English Rose Vintage Oh

Handmade Heirloom Crocheted Dress from 1930's by PomPom Clothing

Gypsy In Summer Lace ~ Oceanside Vintage

No matter what the style or time period, you can shop 'til you drop looking through over 13,000 results when you look for Vintage Wedding Dresses on Etsy!

I can't imagine how many more treasured gowns and dresses I would have fallen in love with if I had even made it past 'page 10' of my search~ but I dropped, lol!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've Gotta Make Room In My Closet!

'Wouldn't I Look Cute!' by ImSewPretty

Upcycled Clothing and Accessories from Upcyclers, An Etsy Team whose Members Love 2 Upcycle!

ECO Advice From a C...

1930s Dress - Vinta...

Arm Warmers Upcycle...

Custom made corset ...

RePurposed Baby Pan...

Upcycled Sweater Co...

Upcycled Clothing, ...

Elf Coat --"Wi...

New Year SALE - Ste...

OOAK Refashioned lo...

Bolero Skirt black

Circular Motion Blu...

Vintage 1980s Color...

Upcycled Hoodie Con...

1950s Chic Cocktail...

Indigo and Aqua Jac...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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