Friday, January 14, 2011

Dress Me Up ... Upcycled- That Is!

You just have to love the fact that Upcycled fashions are not only "GREEN", they are red, yellow, blue, purple and every other color you can imagine! In fact, some Upcyclers use all of the colors at once!

Whatever the color, upcycled fashions are here to stay and not just a trend! Etsy has become a leader of the upcycling movement and has showcased these creations on their 'Front Page', the Storque and in their Fashion newsletter. Upcyclers, an Etsy team of artists whose members Love 2 Upcycle, has dozens of fashion designers in its ranks- clothing, handbags, shoes, hair accessories and more- all designed from recycled, repurposed and reusable materials. No longer does an old sweatshirt or t-shirt have to be destined for the rag bag, Oh-zie will turn it into a pair of sweatshirt fingerless gloves! Or how about a sunny yellow knitted t-shirt scarf from Teecycled Depot? All ages, guys or gals, it doesn't matter, there is something upcycled out there for you to wear!

Sweatshirt Fingerless Gloves by Oh-zie

Carnival Bloom Twirl Skirt by Alli Cat

Woolrich Sweater Vest by BrightWall


  1. Love your blog! So great that so many are I think they need to add our word,"upcycling", to the dictionary!

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  2. Love what you wrote!!! Thank you so much for featuring oh-zie!!!


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